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Impress buyers, renters and vacationers with amazing photos and virtual tours. We specialize in real estate photography, vacation rental properties, commercial photography, drone photography, production scouting, Matterport 3D and custom 3D tours. Check out the Photo gallery for examples of our work, or our 3D scanning showcase. Click "Schedule" if you want to proceed with our online booking feature or give us a call at (818) 303-6904. You can also email us.


Walter Peña has been a photographer for more than 5 years. He also worked in Los Angeles as a producer for multiple feature film projects and video games. You can view examples of his portrait and product work here. Marc Samson (consultant) has been working in the TV commercial business for 25 years and offers his expertise on photo retouching and 3D scanning.
Matterport and Photography
Matterport and photography, up to 3000 SQ/FT
Matterport and photography, 3000-4000 SQ/FT
Matterport and photography, 4000 +

Call or email for a quote
Photography Only
Daylight photo session up to 2000 SQ
Daylight photo session up to 2001- 3,000 SQ
Daylight photo session up to 3001 - 5,000 SQ
Daylight photo session up to 5,001+ SQ
Call or email for quote

Matterport 3D Scanning Only
Matterport, up to 3000 SQ/FT
Matterport, 3000-4000 SQ/FT
Matterport, 4000 +
Add ons
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Matterport Video tour (1-2 min)
Matterport floor plans

Made Creative is a member of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce.

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